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Eddie Montilla - Producer
Eddie & Cristina Milian
Eddie at Crescent Moon Studio

Eddie Montilla never had a choice and he's not complaining. His musical future was predetermined. Genetics, you know. Eddie's father, 91 this year, was laying it down in the 30's and was a pioneer of the stereo imaging of sound tracks.
From a childhood in Puerto Rico to musical gigs in Washington DC, Portland, Anchorage, LA, Vegas, NY, South Florida and then around the world, Eddie was right on top of each musical opportunity.. His brother, also a hard working musician, opened a few doors for Eddie and his raw talent carried the day.
Now, one of the most respected keyboardists/producers in South Florida,
Eddie can call the shots, yet he is one of the most humble men you'll ever meet and always in awe of the talent with which he collaborates, The music world needs more Eddie Montilla's. 
He recently engineered an ingenious, hip hop endeavor with the London Symphony Orchestra in Abbey Road Studios. Eddie wrote the music (of course) and used a very heated and tape recorded, three way call interview between he, a journalist and jailed, Puerto Rican rap sensation, Tempo, for the vocal track. The session at Abbey Road was chock full of passion and the plight of Tempo was the insipration for everyone there.
Eddie Montilla, you're an innovator just like your old man, and that's a good thing!

Eddie with Cristina Milian, Cool & Dre
Eddie and his famous magic show.
Bono & Eddie
The following shots are from a session at Circle House Studios
with Eddie, Miami's own Cool & Dre
Dre and Eddie