songs from Amber Leigh's Reckless:

1. That's what I think about that
2. My favorite color was blue
3. Hey Cowboy
4. Cowboy Kiss
5. Honey do
6. I shouldn't love you (but I do)
7. I'd hang with you
8. How it all works out
9. Love is
10. I don't need you
11. Unloved


Amber Leigh! The 21 year old vivacious red-headed fiddler and vocalist now has her 4th CD coming out, produced in Nashville by Billy Austin and Michelle Poe!

Amber is originally from South Florida, having been born, raised and schooled there. She got her start in Country music at the tender age of 9, when she became the fiddling champion she is playing fairs, concerts, city events and appearing on TV and Radio to win the hearts of Floridians from the Palm Beaches to Key West!

This led to her appearance on the USA Network for a kid's segment called "In a Minute" a PSA promoting goodwill and helping others, especially the elderly in South Florida. This segment was shown nationwide and caught the eyes of the producers for the "Sally Jesse Rafael Show" in New York. Amber was flown in to appear on Sally's show and won more of a national audience.

Besides touring every summer up and down the East Coast and Mid-West, Amber held down a house-gig at one of the most exciting ocean-front clubs in Palm Beach County."Boston's on the Beach" in Delray Beach for a period of 8 years every Saturday afternoon. This exposure led to major gigs, concert openers and European tours! Major Market Radio Station WKIS 99.9FM has officially endorsed Amber as one of their major local entertainers and promoted her to various clubs with commercials and promos. They have also booked her for many major concerts at the largest venues in the area. Amber has opened for them all Tim and Faith, Reba, Toby, Keith, Vince and even Britney Spears! Over the years she's played hundreds of major concerts and secured a huge following. She's also sung for the Marlins, Dolphins, Panthers and ESPN events.

Besides being a great entertainer and musician, (she plays Fiddle, Mandolin, Bass and Guitar), she has written and produced 3 independent CDs which have been marketed through her web-site and concert appearances. She's sold thousands over the years and has built one of the biggest, strongest followings of any country performer coming out of the South Florida area without a major label behind her. Her newest CD, RECKLESS, is going to be a winner with great songs written by Billy Austin (The Kinleys, Michelle Branch), Michelle Poe (The Dierks Bently Band, Steve Holy), and Shaunna Brookes! It's another major effort for Amber and a CD you will love! Eventually it would have to happen. Amber had lunch with Country Music Station 99.9 Station Manager Joe Bell, and Joe put it to her this way."Amber, you've done all you can in South Florida, you've met all your goals, exceeded your own expectations, now the only thing you can do, the only place to go, is Nashville!"

Taking this advice Amber moved to Nashville in 2005 and is establishing herself as a force in the music business! She has hooked up with some of Nashville's finest to record and play live dates.

To see her is an experience and a positive joy to behold.don't miss out on Nashville's newest star!