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Charity Daw
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Juvenilia reveals a singer/songwriter beyond her twenty years. What started out a s a two song demo that Charity began in her living room at sixteen turned into an eight-song album that is now circulating around the U.S. The project entitled "Juvenilia", meaning "artists' early work", pulls from several musical genres; from the country-tinged Sometimes (My Heart Falls Asleep) to the jazzy "Church Shoes". Charity's catchy melodies and smart lyrics tug at the heart-strings of listeners young and old. People from all walks of life can relate to her honest and charming presentation of life through song. Charity's music touches on issues from vanity and soul-searching in The "I Want" Song to the loss of a loved one in "Spared"
Charity Joy Daw, born in Miami, Florida was raised in a musical home. She began singing at the tender age of two and showed her first songwriting skills at seven, when she used to re-write already famous songs with her own lyrics. She soon began performing at her local church which led to appearances on local television and radio shows. At fifteen Charity began her own songbook filled with choruses, phrases, drawings, and quotes, which would one day lead to full-length songs. Charity's song-writing skills developed quickly. She began to write entire songs on a daily basis. Charity's melodies and her ability to express such emotion through song caught the attention of some of the most powerful and influential people in South Florida's music scene. Her musicianship, stage presence, and professionalism have allowed Charity to work, and hold her own amongst the best writers, musicians, and producers.

Charity is currently touring her Juvenilia and writing new material. She currently resides in Miami, Florida.

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