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9 Chris pics

Chris Schmitt - guitar
Rosco Martinez - Bass
Matt Sullivan - drums

Over the past 10 years, I've giving private instruction to children and adults from different styles and backgrounds. As a result, I found that I've become more than just a music teacher, I've evolved into a valued friend and mentor. Other than being a talented musician, one of my strongest suits is people. I have always enjoyed helping people out on any given situation such as a troubled teen, to a divorce' dealing with family problems. Having a great ear for music is second to a person trying to tell you something important.
Musically I've done it all...produced, composed, performed, competed, arranged, engineered, mixed, mastered, printed, instructed, recorded, sequenced, programmed, sampled, and scored a full length motion picture. One more gift I've been given is the understanding and responsibility as a follower of Christ to acknowledge that these gifts are from God and to use them for his glory and not mine. God is now in control of my life and he will see to it to use me in any way he sees fit. I can't imagine anything more perfect than to use me as a teacher and musician in his orchestra.

2001 Regional winner and National finalist in Guitar Centers annual Guitarmagaddon Contest

Winner of the "John Lennon songwriting contest" with the track "I came to tell you" in the gospel category. Written by Craig Pratt and Produced by Chris Schmitt

Winner of the "LA" songwriting contest, best over all category, with the track, "I came to tell you"

Instructed music for over ten years

Performed for thousands of people

Produced the hit song "Green Apples" for the Jamaican artist T-Dread

Scored the sci-fi movie "DARK QUEEN" Directed by Ken Levan