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Fito is one of the hottest young guitarist and singers in South Florida.
Of Guaraní Indians descendent, Espinola was born to a family of musical talents from Paraguay.

At the age of 14, he began to study at the Institute for Classical Guitar “Mangoré”
(Nickname of Agustin Barrios – The Greatest Paraguayan Classical Composer of all times), in Asunción.

In his high school years he sang and performed in festivals and cultural events, representing his school, all over the country.

At the age of 17, he formed his group called “La Bohemia”, where they mixed rhythms of traditional Paraguayan music with rock and new age. This was contracted to play in many different events within the country.

Later he formed part of a group by the name “Conjunto de Arpas y Guitarras Guaraní” where they traveled the country, also Argentina and Brazil.

At the age of 19, he went to Grand Caiman Islands to perform as “The Paraguayan Duo” with fella harpist Eugenio Leon for 4 years. Together they traveled various countries as Jamaica, Ireland, Bermuda and Panama. In the U.S., Espinola performed in St. Louis, Detroit, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Denver, just to mention a few.

In the year 2000, he moved to Miami, and together with his brother, they formed a group by the name of “Payé”, where they performed in local and national television.

Fito has played all over the world and is now based in Miami. He plays a unique blend of Flamenco-pop
and Dance music.

He writes his own music and has had hits in both South America and Europe. His brother, Victor Espinola, is a featured harpist with Yanni. Check out his brother's website at http://www.victorespinola.com

Espinola has two albums “Nostálgica” and
“Sin Tí Soy Nada”. Now he is based in Miami working on his third one.

Fito is available for events, shows and
parties, with his band or accompanied by individual artists and dancers.

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