Juliet Simms
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This summer- 2006- after spending more time playing in divey venues and sleeping on floors than the average Indie band, 19 year old singer, songwriter Juliet Simms, will combine her beautifully unique vocal stylings and raw edge lyrics with her classic hooks to produce melodic rock ear candy on Sony/Epic Records.

At 17 she spent a year in L.A. living out of a duffle bag driving a 1986 primer colored Crown Victoria cop car while trying to promote her music and record an album. Here she landed her first deal with baby indie label, Umbrella Ent. She had the opportunity to work with Richie Zito who produced and wrote for Elton John, the Motels, and Heart. He brought Juliet’s recording to completion in August of 2005. One unmastered burn of her album in hand, her label still going through growing pains and unequipped to promote her -she left LA .

So in summer 2005 Juliet began a solo tour across the US back from L.A. ending up in Florida where she played many shows at last attracting major label offers through myspace as well as through a particular live performance where Sony’s Laurie Lavine first spotted her.

A week before her performance for Laurie and her friends, in October 2005, Juliet was invited to New York City by the head of A and R Island Records who after hearing her live performance wanted to sign her and escorted her immediately to the Chairmen of Island, L.A. Reid.

During the same trip she showcased for Columbia and Jive but felt she came home when playing for Allison Hagendorf, Pete Geberga and others at Sony’s EPIC label. She also played for Wyclef Jean of the Fugees and Don Ienner, then President and CEO of the Sony Music Label Group, who validated her efforts with another offer.

With industry buzz ignited, Juliet was then flown to Los Angeles where she played for Capitol’s A and R dept who wanted to sign her, as well as the president at Geffen where she was offered yet another major deal.

Growing up in a family of working musicians, with an accomplished writer/musician, for an older brother and working in his all-guy bands, Juliet has had to distinguish herself as not just another pretty girl with a catchy tune. She wrote and recorded two independently released albums before signing with Epic and at 19 has emerged as an original artist.  Also inspired by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Beck, David Bowie, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick and Jimmy Eat World, Juliet has the heart and sense of humor of an old school rocker- creating honest music that inspires, makes you cry, or helps you put your fist through the wall then lets you laugh about it - she has feeling.

In the past year Juliet’s songs “Someday” and “Make-up Smeared Eyes” captured the #1, spots in 3 separate genres of the MySpace music charts where she became a Featured Artist. Juliet appeared in Sire Record’s The Veronicas MTV Video. Her music has been licensed to MTV’s The Real World and Road Rules. She also sang and co-wrote “Theatre of Robots” with Love Hate Hero for their debut album Just Breathe released on Ferret Records and has co-writes with Cartel, Duncan Shiek, The Matrix, and The Vacation.