In the purest sense of the word, Lefty Lucie is rock and roll. Listen a little closer and you’ll hear complex undertones of jazz, blues, funk and reggae blended into soul-stomping melodies. By fusing an eclectic mix of influences, the band creates a sound that is as unique as it is familiar. Look a bit deeper and you’ll see a diverse group of passionate individuals coming together in such a way that the resulting sound is far greater than the sum of the parts.

Lefty Lucie began in a fortunate twist of fate, rising from the ashes of another local band. Seeking to expand and experiment with new ideas, drummer Mike Nasti and acoustic guitarist Russell Gazzana set off in a fresh new direction. Almost immediately, they contacted old friend and guitarist Lee Zoumas to layer electric stylings over the evolving ideas. After a few rehearsals, the three knew they had something worth exploring further and ran an ad looking for a vocalist that would complement their innovative ideas.

After countless auditions, and just before giving up on a vocal element for the as-yet un-named band, Lucie Wood answered the call with her draw-dropping voice, energy and passion for music. Lefty Lucie was born. To complete the lineup, the band drew another name from their hat of old friends and musicians. Tom Pierro, guitar-player for local funk legend Jenga, picked up the bass and vowed to hold up the rhythm section with a distinctive approach that melded this seamless new sound.

Hailing from South Florida, this all original, female-fronted rock group conveys pure emotion through music. Since the band’s inception in July 2003, they have been building a fan base and reinventing the local music scene. Lefty Lucie has since progressed from practicing in the comfort of their homes to performing at a variety of venues from St. Augustine to Miami, and beyond … what have you been listening to?

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