1. Erotic
2. Bullet
3. Moonflower
4. Brides of Russia
5. Meantime
6. Human
7. Woman's Hand
8. Under the Hotel
9. The Dance




Hot air of dark bedroom hits
Shadows dance on the walls
Lights of the street above us
Delicate falling on your lips
On the neck warmed by long kiss
On your head high above me
On your hair, which brightness, smell and touch made me crazy
On the body so near to me
That seemed to be a part of myself
Our hearts were beating together
Legs tighten up around me
Warm breath, brightest and purest voice from far away
I felt when it rise
And let your breasts touch me closer
Kisses, the rain of burning north galactics
So hot
You bite me, it hurts just too sweet
And you cuddled to me
You let me to be a man who cares about his loved one
Loved woman
My Goddes
Real Goddes of fertility

Written by Radek Kordasiewicz



Take a look around and tell me what you see
Tell me when your heart starts to burn
See these eyes that looks at you with peace inside
Don’t be afraid, everything will return
No one knows where we are coming from

Touch this moment and tell me what you feel
Maybe only tears on my face
Maybe smile of a friend, drops of water on the glass
Maybe warm rays of the sun above our ways
No one knows who we are

Try to look for tomorrow above your naked arm
Covered by cool night air
There you can see what future hides in its abyss
Your breath next to me, your darkest hair
No one knows where we are going to

Every day and every second
Every kiss, touch and word
Every feeling and every life
Everything will return on this world

We’re never living only to fall

Written by Radek Kordasiewicz



Let’s turn day into the night- may it be forever
May we dream together for whole eternity
Let’s dress with the smell of candles that expire
Lulled to sleep for hundreds of years, even thousands

Two hearts looking for promise lands
Two clocks with the same course of hands

So waited sun felt down into the ocean of past
Take a look again, we’re drowning
Hand to hand- covered by the water from endless river
Night will maybe fell asleep, just for us

And here we are- putted in one silent room
Two sides of one life, two stars- never lie
Please take me right now deep into your heart
And never let me go, even if the cities will fall

There’s no more air to breath
My prediction dies

Written by Gosia Sobanska


And I see clearer than ever
That I will cry one more night and on and on
And I know that we're on the fire of life
But is there any other way for someone who love?
Only being together will make us strong

So come with me, my beloved one
We'll sit in your silent room, with a roses in our
And we'll take a look through the clearest window
A mirror of a sunset that falls on us and calls the
Let's be brave and stay strong in front of this abyss
In front of life

" He took leave of his muse
Unhappy artist...
And he covered the scar made by love
With the shroud..."

I will touch your lips with my shivering fingers
And will feel the taste of your tears on my tongue
You'll touch my skin and draw a circle with your hand
And fall asleep nestled in my warm arm
To dream about the future

Somewhere in the meantime...


lryics written by Radek Kordasiewicz
and Gosia Sobanska

Brides of Russia

Brides of Russia painted on the walls
Belted by our sick imagination
Sweet narcotic on their lips
Greatest way to find some inspiration
When we see the Moscow hidden in the dark

No one will touch you and no one will see
How the machines are starting to bleed
All these ticking clocks putted inside your head
All these silent murders painting your life in red
And cutting the silence in sleeping room

Pieces of human scattered in the smoke
Waterfalls of sorrow, pain and sweating truth
Wounding your body and soul and never seems to stop
Sound of coins behind the door, sound of breaking
Take a look on Siberian wheel and dream

We are crying out for love in the center of the world

lryics written by Radek Kordasiewicz



And for these silent days I build a chromosome
I put a love and tears into the kingdom to come
I see your children lying on these dirty floors
I hear you crying in silence just behind my doors

I see fractured tail
Dead letter, lost mail
A case that changed our life
Like a dancing night
human- burning star

And for these silent hours I stole a day of life
To build a space for your dreams to grow
I see your mother holding the rose given to you
And showing the future like a river that flow

He left her naked...
On the bed of a dead silence
And covered with the breath of a red wine
Last mourning breath

Like an cursed artist
He beats out a word in a stone
And still looks for her eyes
On a fractured portraits where...

Human makes a borderline
Where there was never a borderline before
Human makes infinite space
Where there was no freedom of a soul

You're so near and so far away, here, when
sitting next to me
Both sides of crying in the yellow light of kitchen
It was so intimate feeling, theme and
you short movie clip
Your soul was screaming out of pain, your heart was
hardly beating
Se near to me

Give me the number
Don't shoot the door
Where are my bags
I wish you the wide and peaceful road

We are the story about love

lryics written by Radek Kordasiewicz
and Gosia Sobanska


Woman's Hand

There was another breath in her body
Another heart under her own
But wait for a second, there's something wrong
There's a flower that never started to blow

Woman's hand holding never born child
Holding it tight, loving all that she never saw
Rainy morning is waiting for us
Never feel so helpless, never feel so low

Stars followed her when we went for a walk
Moonlight on her face, eyes like mirrors of the sky
Clouds covers morning sun and roses garden
I saw her smile when she seems to cry

There is a flash of hope
Between these silent night hours
There is a better day
And a shadow of child above city towers

Only shallow people never drawn

lryics written by Radek Kordasiewicz