20 Cheers pics
with special guest
Rosco Martinez


I'd like to tell you a little about myself.
I spent my childhood on the sunny shores of Ft Lauderdale Beach and what a great childhood it was. It is here in Florida that at age six I started performing all of the characters in my own puppet shows. Featuring paper bag puppets & a cardboard box stage. Carrying my little tip cup door to door playing to the neighbors and other kids in the neighborhood. I continued singing and performing throughout my teens and at age fifteen I started my professional music career, singing for all sorts of parties and other events. Then lightning struck....at age twenty-one I met my Father Randy for the first time, who was a musician and songwriter too! When he heard me sing for the first time he was led to give and inspire me to play my first 12 string guitar. That day would forever change me as a person and as an artist. Quickly thereafter I fell in love with songwriting and have been writing songs ever since. Thank you and see you soon!
Love, Shannon
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