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The Wednesday's Child project is a true labor of love for producer FORD, as his great personal affection for 80's/90's synth pop, new wave, and electronic/industrial rock music is evident in every track. Appreciation of these styles also unites all the band members of Wednesday's Child.

Euro-stylish, captivating, pop-star singer Raquel Rayneri is the focus of Wednesday's Child. This lovely waif's mysterious and beautiful voice emanates sophistication and appeal. With her mesmerizing delivery of thoughtful and poetic lyrics, Raquel's tones are childlike, yet mature; dark, yet brilliant; heart-warming, yet haunting.

Guitarist Jeff Marcus is the gifted textural guitar wizard who fascinates listeners with his sonic soundscapes. He plays with taste and style, and uses a lush blend of crunchy rock tones and dark and evocative washes of sound. With his sights always set on the all-important songwriting content of each song, Jeff's sense of melody is evident in all of the Wednesday's Child material.

Bassist Vincent Viera knows Wednesday's Child is all about the melody, and his bass playing reflects that philosophy. Meshing with moving synths and crunching guitar, Vincent holds down the bottom, while adding impact and texture to every tune. Vincent does double duty with Wednesday's Child, playing guitar on several songs, adding power, edge, and texture in combination with Jeff's guitar playing.

Drummer Daniel Carson, is the powerful and dynamic drummer who lays down the Wednesday's Child groove with precision, style and finesse. Daniel’s rythmic energy is the pulse for Wednesday’s Child.

Keyboardist Casey brings a fresh approach with his talents, elaborating the synth dynamics and musical landscapes that complements the Wednesday's Child style. Casey's use of unique and carefully chosen sounds adds spice to the already flavorful compositions of the band.

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